NaPoWriMo: Day 5 – Let the sun beat down upon my face…

I let music influence a lot of my poetry. I am sure that every poet my age who has listened to Radiohead has had a bash at a poem based on one of their songs. Today’s poem was influence by this popular Rock song song, for which I found a copy of the lyrics which I had annotated some months previously –

This poem was written in two stages. The first part was done on comuter, the second on a train into Swindon, where I was covering  a fringe theatre event for the radio. This proved a useful trip, as I am fairly sure tomorrows poem will be influenced by the event. Up to now, all my poems have been strictly computer typed, helped (/hindered?) by the homebound nature of my current existence. A couple of poems will definitely have to be done on paper due to the shape and style of what I want (yes, I do have a couple of plans!) but today was a good exercise in making sure I finish my poems, and that they can be finished well.


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