About Sam

Sam Loveless is a writer and broadcaster based in Chippenham. Since graduating from Swansea University in 2010, he has been active in the Swindon cultural scene. (There are many people who will laugh at this idea. He did once too. He doesn’t now.) He divides his time between writing poetry, being an active member of the Bluegate Poets, presenting the weekly arts and culture show ‘Rhythm & Rhyme’ on Swindon 105.5 (where is actively looking to broadcast work of current poets), and campaigning for CAMRA, where he has edited the local newsletter for 2 years in addition to being the current secretary of the national young member’s campaign. He also does administrative work to pay the bills.

Sam uses the internet alias ‘MBVLoveless’ – this is a tribute to the seminal Irish shoegaze band My Bloody Valentine and their 2nd album ‘Loveless’. He can be found on Twitter.

Sam lives with a gun-toting, chain-smoking housemate and brews his own beer. He one day hopes to open a monastery for slightly eccentric monks.


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