On the Radio

Sam can currently be heard on Swindon’s local community station Swindon 105.5. He presents the ‘Rhythm & Rhyme’ show, broadcast  on sundays at 5pm and repeated on mondays at 2pm.

‘Rhythm & Rhyme’ is a show dedicated to literature, in particular local literature. It covers poetry, prose and the writing of scripts, generally in the Swindon area, but also taking in the rest of Wiltshire and beyond where appropriate (or just where good stuff is to be found). Theatre has become quite prevalent thanks to the the high quality and genorisity of local theatre companies, their time and original plays.

If you have poetry, prose or a good piece of writing you want to promote (especially if you live in the Swindon area), then please get in contact at info@swindon1055.com and Sam will do his best to put you on-air.

Sam has been doing radio since his days at university. He started out on breakfast and sports shows at Swansea University’s Xtreme Radio, before moving into the world of specialist music. His 2nd year show ‘The Muso Geekout’ won the station award for Best Specialist Programming (it remains unclear whether the name was included in the achievements). He has also produced for The Radio Academy as part of their Radio Festival Podcasts.

Sam is always willing to engage in freelance and professional radio production work.


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