NaPoWriMo: Intro

So, earlier this month I signed up for National Poetry Writing Month, or NaPoWriMo or short. I know not where or when the idea was started, but it is being promoted (and quasi-organised) by Carrie Etter. For about years I have attempted, and failed spectacularly at, National Novel Writing Month every November. So partly at least, this is about redemption.

Most importantly however, if I were to give a specific reason for this, then I would say it’s about progress. Since I left university, where I wrote poetry mostly for my course (I went in as a screenwriter), and not very well, I have been writing poetry more frequently, and improved greatly; thanks to continuous involvement in Swindon’s poetry scene (very healthy) and the tutelage of people such as Carrie. To put together 30 poems, one a day, and be more confident than ever of them…

I was going to post each poem up on this blog, but was advised not to. I will however post plenty of stuff about my thinking for each one, as well as the working titles (I’m not arrogant enough to assume they’ll stay the same) and possibly even a line or two… I don’t know yet.

But here’s to 30 days of writing. And fun.


3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: Intro

    • I was speaking with someone (one of three people – I cannot remember which of them and am loathed to misattribute a statement) concerning the publication of poems, and they pointed out that should I write anything worthy of publication in a magazine, then publishing it here would preclude such an option. Now, if I already had a number of poems in said magazines, I would happily publish new material here. Also, if I did not wish to be published in said magazines, I would also post these works here. As I am actively working on getting into these publications for the first time, I would rather keep my options open at this timne. I will however endevour to publish little snippets as part of running commentry, which will hopefully be entertaining in its own right.

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